Nancy B. Wolff
Executive Director
EXT: 240

Kim Barnum
EXT: 225

Julie Peppard
Legal Assistant to William J. Glucksman and Janet M. Turchin
EXT: 258

Patricia Cloutier
Legal Assistant to Harlee M. Gasmer and Bill M. Gonta
EXT: 213

Janet Casey
Legal Assistant to Lauren S. Petkin and Deborah C. Sun
EXT: 236

Lorena Fahey
Legal Assistant to Heidi L. Madzar and Michael P. White
EXT: 216

Lani Powers
Legal Assistant to Lauren N. Shaller and Jean M. Poppa
EXT: 247

Shayla Ziemann
Legal Assistant to Jeff M. Sturman and Alexa S. Wolff
EXT: 220

Diane Harder
Legal Assistant to Carole Azran-Dickstein and Lise Evaul
EXT: 224

Myrna Fuentes
Legal Assistant to Stephen A. Kolodny and Marina Zakiyan Beck
EXT: 211

Aliza Amrami
EXT: 264

Andrea Hausman
Administrative Assistant
EXT: 233

Monika Csiernik
Administrative Assistant
EXT: 242

Ever Canenguez
Office Services
EXT: 227

Greg Snowden
Records Manager
EXT: 232

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